“She Always Says, ‘Tennis, Tennis!”: Is Serena Williams’ Daughter The Next Tennis Superstar?


Serana Williams

With the lockdown imposed all around the world for the past few months. Everybody has been looking for things to do at home. However, Tennis star Serena Williams never has a dull moment with her 2-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian running around. 

Besides, The 23-time Grand slam champion has been having a lot of fun playing with her daughter and posting it on Instagram.

She recently posted a photo of her with her daughter on the tennis court in the same attire, holding their matching rackets and posing identically, which took the internet by storm!

The mother-daughter duo has also been trying on different Disney princess dresses, singing, and dancing.

Serena Williams

“I Don’t Force Tennis On Her”- Mother Serena Williams

There already are a lot of expectations from the two-year-old considering how successful both her parents are. One is a tennis legend (Serena Williams) and the Co-founder of Reddit (Alexis Ohanian).

But the former no.1 is very clear that she does not put any pressure on her daughter or force her. While talking to Instyle, she talked about Olympia’s budding interest in tennis and how she persuades her mother to play it with her.

Serena Williams Family

“I don’t force tennis on her. She has a little tiny Wilson racket and she always says, ‘tennis, tennis!’ I’m like, I just finished training, the last thing I want to do is play tennis, but I can’t say no to her!”,  Serena Williams said.

Recently, the two-year-old also became the youngest owner of a sports team at the age of just 2, when her parents Serena and Alexis decided to invest in an NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) team. 

“To be completely transparent, it was really my husband’s idea. He fell in love with soccer in the Women’s World Cup and he was shocked by the stories of how these women weren’t being supported financially.”, the tennis star explained.

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Watching Williams with her daughter is the cutest thing and people have been loving their posts on the internet lately!


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