“Seriously It’s Not Rafael Nadal”- London Olympics Gold Medalist Recalls The “Surreal” Moment When He Met Spaniard


Rafael Nadal

World number two Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest players of all times in the tennis fraternity and has several fans all across the world. One of his biggest fans turns out to be someone who has his fan following, the South African swimmer. 

At the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games, Le Clos had several fans come up to him for autographs and photographs, being a swimming star himself. But the four-time Olympic medalist had his fanboy moment too when he got to meet the tennis star, Rafael Nadal. In a recent interview with Marca, the south African recalled his experience.

He said, “I remember that in 2016 I was eating one day at the table, which is very long. Five or six meters from me was Rafael Nadal. I see him and say: ‘It is not possible, it cannot be him. Seriously It’s not Rafael”

Chad Le Clos

“So, my coach and I came up to him and said, “Excuse me, can we take a picture? He says, Sure!’ And obviously, his Spanish accent is heard. We took a ‘selfie’ with him while we ate, it’s crazy,” Le Clos added.

“Hey, I’m Not The Most Famous Guy Here” – Chad Le Clos

The four-time Olympic medalist said that he felt like he wasn’t even that famous when people came up to him to ask for an autograph, and there were so many other greater athletes.

“Some people took photos of me and I thought, ‘Hey, I’m not the most famous guy here, there are other bigger ones.’ So it’s amazing. I was very proud.” Chad Le Clos further added.

Chad Le Clos

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The 28-year-old is an Olympic, Commonwealth Games as well as the World champion. Moreover, he holds the Commonwealth record in the 50 and 100-meter butterfly. His greatest career moment came when he beat the legendary Michael Phelps.


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