Serena Williams’s Unstoppable Collection Celebrates Her Win Of Four Consecutive Grand Slams


Serena Williams

Right now, Serena Williams is managing three different things in her day to day life. Those are family, tennis, and business. Besides playing tennis, the American legend runs a fashion jewelry line. Additionally, Serena has been working on the promotion of her jewelry products.

She also explained one of her collections unstoppable in an interview with People Magazine. “My background is fashion design. This (jewelry business) is a whole new category for me. But I’ve always had a love for jewelry if you look at everything I’ve done. I’ve even played tennis in crazy pieces at times.” said Serena Williams.

The legendary player added further, “I wore a circular necklace the last time I won all 4 Grand Slams in a row. I had won 4 in a row wearing that necklace. I was just unstoppable.” 

Serena Williams

A Symbol Of Serenity And Unity- Serena’s New Collection Represents

Moreover, the Unstoppable collection is now available to shop. Besides, the net proceeding will also assist Black-owned businesses through the Opportunity Fund.“The design is a polished circle-a symbol of serenity and unity-with one glittering round diamond.”

The collection is launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Serena sees the jewelry designs as a reminder to work hard and with determination, despite “what we are facing now.”

Serena Williams

In 2014, the American great won the US Open 2014; before she went on to win all the other grand slams. Although she also expected to yield the same results in the US Open, 2015, her journey ended in the semi-finals.

Furthermore, Serena is now looking forward to returning to Tennis. She will see next playing in the US Open 2020. The tournament has scheduled to begin on August 31st in New York.

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Also, if the Hall of Fame wins, it would be her 24th Grand Slam win. On the other hand, she will also equal the record of another legend, Margaret Court.


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