Serena Williams Reveals the Pros and Cons of the Absence of a Big-Crowd at US Open 2020



The US Open 2020 is taking place behind closed doors owing to protect participants from the Coronavirus. While several top players have a concern over playing without fans, the six times ongoing event champion Serena Williams admits she can easily adapt herself to this situation.

In the middle of the hope and expectation of her 24th Grand Slam, Serena Williams has begun the US Open on Tuesday. Moreover, She sealed her place in the second round after defeating compatriot Kristie Ahn in the straight sets(7-5, 6-3) at the opening round.


Followed by the opening round match conclusion, Serena was asked about what is the easiest and hardest about the absence of a big-crowd atmosphere. She answered, “I think the easiest is a little less pressure. I think the hardest is making sure you stay pumped. For me, it was clearly easy because I’m always overly passionate. I love being passionate. It’s what I’m best at.”

“We Missed Two Grand Slams”- Serena Supports for the US Open 2020 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Wimbledon 2020 was canceled and the French Open 2020 has moved for the end of September. Accordingly, the US Open is taking place as a second Grand Slam this year. 

However, someone who conducts a sporting event in the center of the uncertain situation is not a cup of tea. At the same time, the US Open 2020 organizers have taken a risk and staging the event right now at Flushing Meadows. For this reason, world number nine, Serena Williams is supporting the USTA officials since the first press release of this year’s event.


Serena answered a question over the importance of taking place the US Open 2020,  “I think what’s most important about this event taking place is just the spirit. Sport has been gone for so long, particularly tennis. We missed two Grand Slams. The US Open is the first major tennis event since the Australian Open.”

Additionally, She went to say, “morale can be really low in the world with everything that’s going on. Sometimes you just want to take your mind off. People have been doing that for generations through sport.”

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“That’s one of the reasons I was so supportive of the US Open. I felt like it was such a good time to get back out there for athletes and for fans to kind of just disconnect and be a fan, and for athletes to do what they do best.”, the 38-years-old American woman concluded.


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