Serena Williams Partnerships With Ubrelvy For Migraine Awareness Campaign


Serena Williams, arguably the greatest tennis player shares her story of defeating migraine and headache. Additionally, the American cannot afford to lose onto matches due to her migraine problems. 

Serena Williams partners with Abbvie and talks about Ubrelvy tablets. She shares her experience of suffering a migraine and how it can put a halt on daily life. Additionally, the former world number one advice to use Ubrelvy to minimize the effects of migraine.

Besides, Williams is a victim of migraines. She talks about the symptoms as well as her history of being a migraine patient with a physician in a campaign video. In addition to this, the tennis legend also came up with her experience of being a mother. Further, also sharing her ways to cope up with tennis and migraine. 

“When You Have Had Such A Good Experience, You Want To Tell People”- Serena

Moreover, she tells about the Ubrelvy tablets. She said, “When you have had such a good experience with something, you generally want to tell people.

In addition to this Williams also becomes the spokesperson for Ubrelvy. Aimee Lennar in an interview said, “Serena is the perfect fit for us. She will help us raise awareness within the migraine community. This is because she navigates life with migraine alongside a very busy lifestyle.” Additionally, Aimee Lennar is the VP of marketing for Abbvie’s US.

Besides, the younger Williams will also feature in the multichannel marketing campaign by the company. Additionally, Serena will be highlighting the working pattern of the UBRELVY for people with varied lifestyles.

Serena shared, “Migraine attacks are debilitating – and no one should have to endure them in their day-to-day life.”  Also stating, “I am excited to partner with UBRELVY. It relieves my migraine attacks quickly and effectively.”

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“I hope sharing my story will provide relief to others who suffer from migraine attacks too”, Serena said.


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