Serena Williams Opens Up About Helping Other People Businesses


The African American Tennis Star Serena Williams Uncovers Her Ambition to Help Businesses Grow.

Serena Williams

Although every coin has two sides yet for Serena Williams both sides of her personality are equally inspiring and deserve warm applause. The 38-year-old tennis icon talks about her latest passion for helping people to let them move ahead in businesses. She also shared the keen interest that compelled her to launch the Serena Ventures with a view to supporting the needy minorities. 

“Yeah, I hope so. I can say that even now is one of the most rewarding things, and I get a lot of passion for fashion and like a lot of passion from tennis but I haven’t felt this fire and like this excitement or since tennis,” she said.

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Serena Williams

 “I Absolutely Love Learning”- Serena Williams

The incredible player explained how much she loves to understand businesses and wishes to contribute to their development too.

“I just it’s wild because I absolutely love learning about these companies or in deciding okay well we can help you or no we can’t or you know what we like but you need, you need help in terms of, you need a better structure or you need to provide more information about the, what you’re offering. So for me, I just absolutely love kinda just doing that and it’s wild I never thought that was something I would like,” she added. 

Serena Williams

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Serena Williams is pretty active in the court and she eyes at breaking the 24-slam record currently held by Margaret Court. However, it is anticipated that her newfound love for fashion would keep her on toes once she retires from tennis.


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