Serena Williams Makes Massive Donation Amid Coronavirus Crisis


Serena Williams is ready to serve the ball

The biggest killer Coronavirus has forced the world to go to the lockdown and restricted the people’s movements. However, People cannot stay inside the home forever and they need to do something for their essential requirements like buying food, medicine etc. At the same time, They want to protect themselves from the virus as well. Meanwhile, tennis star Serena Williams has brought an idea to help people.

In a recent Serena’s Instagram post says, 23 times Grand Slam Winner has partnered with the largest apparel manufacturer in the United States BELLA+CANVAS to send 45,000 Face Covers to the Community in need. They are helping to protect ourselves from Coronavirus with a face cover if we’re ready to pay Shipping and handling fees.

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As per the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control(CDC) guidelines, the use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19. To date, the Coronavirus has affected almost 210 Countries in the world and killed more than 218000 innocent people. Serena Williams initiatives can help to reduce the effects of Coronavirus.

Serena Williams has shared her Face Mask donation journey to us

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“Hey everyone. I have some really exciting news.I’m going to tell you about the journey of how I came to it. I journeyed to try to find a mask now. We know what this new social distancing going to the grocery stores doing things that are really important to our everyday lives. And now you have to wear a mask. I couldn’t find any I went online. I tried to buy some so I began to think if I can’t find a mask what is everyone else doing?” 

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“So here comes the good news.I’ve teamed up with Bella canvas and S by Serena and we are donating over 45000 Masks. So we are giving these to underserved communities and people So on S by Serena or Serena, you can go to S by Serena and Serena and we have some that we are shipping to our fans and people. All you have to do shipping and handling. We will ship it to you.”

Earlier, World No.09 Serena Williams donated her prize money($43,000) of ASB Classic tennis tournament, Auckland towards the Australian bushfire relief fund.


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