Serena Williams- ”I feel honoured to be on the same tour with him”


Serena William is sharing her match experiences
Serena Williams Image Credits: Steve Jurvetson

Silver Jubliee Legends Roger Federer and Serena Williams have certainly given a different perspective for tennis in the last two decades. The topmost players are succeeding through own playing style and also their achievements would bring many young players into the court.

Federer and Serena, the most Grand Slam holders in the new generation of tennis. The American and the Swiss have combined holders of 43 Grands Crowns. Federer has won 20 Grand Slams to reach the position of most Grand Slam titles winner male and Serena has claimed 23 Grand Slams to attain the level of most Grand Slams holder in the world.  

Serena expressed about her first meeting With Federer

 “It’s actually super exciting for me and you know and I just feel honoured to be on the same tour with him and he’s had a fantastic career. it’s still going and we’re the exact same age so whatever he does I’m trying to do the same thing and I’m like he’s not done I’m not done. I want to we’ve been there since the 90s, to be honest, and so it’s really cool to actually be on the same cord we’ve never done it and me regardless what happens is the moment that I will always cherish”

The final edition of Hopman Cup

Almost their 25 years of a tennis career, the champions met face to face in 2019 Hopman Cup mixed doubles match in Perth, Australia. The court was cover by approximately 14000 on field spectators and million off-field fans from around the world. Ultimately, the match described as a “battle of the Sexes”.

Both are represented by their own countries for the 31st and final edition of Hopman Cup and also earlier they won the singles match as well. The Clash was started with curious eventually ended with hilarious. During the match, the real players had a conversation with balls and at the conclusion, they were shared remarkable memories with each other.

Roger/Bencic Image Credits:

In the mixed double match, Roger/Bencic beat Serena/Tiafoe in the straight sets and although Switzerland sealed event title as well.

Once in a lifetime sharings

Serena: “it’s something that is growing up and why as we grew up together really just watching and having an opportunity after all these years we’ve actually never done this it was super cool that we get to do it at such a pinnacle point in both our careers and for me, it was super cool like I wanted to take pictures but it was really fun Roger.”

Roger: “I was nervous returning because you just don’t know but people talk about her surf so much and I see why it is such a wonderful surf because you just can’t read it you don’t see until the very we have the same qualities you know but yours is a bit better but though it’s true I know for me it was a bit nerve-racking to be honest because all of a sudden you’re serving especially the last server three all I’m like I gotta win this point.

I was telling myself and I was telling myself this is maybe what I’ve always wanted a baby like this and I made the service but I actually totally missed the targeted thank you for missing the boat but it was a great great great fun and yeah great champion you see how focused and determined cheese and I love that about her.”


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