“Serena Is a Force of Nature”: Chris Evert Reveals Reason Behind the Delay of Williams 24th Grand Slam


Serena Williams

Serena Williams won her lost Grand Slam title during the 2017 Australian Open. Since that, she has been trying to add one more in her account. And while American has played ten major events after her 23rd title, she has reached four finals. However, Williams would not lift the unique one to date.  

This year, Serena appeared in all the major events, but she expelled her best performance at the Flushing Meadows, where she played semifinals. 

Meanwhile, several tennis analysts and legends come to discussing Junior Williams’ thirsty title. In a row, the 18-times Grand Slam winner Chris Evert has brought some of her suggestions for countrywoman.

Chris Evert

In a recent conversation with Eurosport, Chris Evert opined when she was asked about her fellow player’s view. She said, “Serena has done things we never thought could ever have been done.”

Serena is a force of nature. You can’t predict what she’s going to do. This wasn’t the tournament I don’t think she’s going to win even if she was healthy. Because I just think with the conditions this heavy, she wouldn’t be sat out there and hit 10-12 balls against Simona Halep and just run down everything.”, Evert added.

“I Think A Little More Hard Work”: Chris Evert on Serena ’s Fitness

Even though Williams didn’t win her 24th slam title amidst pandemic this year, Evert believes she has a big chance in the 2021 Melbourne major event. Simultaneously, the 65-years-old has recommended to 39-years-old to work hard ever before due to massive competitions. 

Serena Williams

Chris continued, “I give her so much credit for still being in the game, for even trying, for always believing in herself, but it’s just going take, I think, a little more hard work, because of her age and because of the competition. The competition is not the competition that was there 4 or 5 years ago when she was dominating. It’s so much better now.” 

Additionally, a former player explained about criticisms, “I would say it’s pretty much like Andy Murray, I don’t think anybody should criticize her for still being in the game because if this is what she wants, she’s been the most outstanding player, so far that’s ever lived on the women side, and she deserves our respect. She’s earned our care, and she’s made the right to play as long she wants to play.”

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