“Roger Will Be There”: Coach Luthi Confident Federer Will Play In Australian Open 2021


Roger Federer

After the Australian Open, Roger Federer has not been played on tennis tours due to knee injury. And while Swiss went back to back surgeries earlier this year, he later announced that he would forgo this entire season.

However, The 39-years-old is now on the rehabilitation leave and practicing for a while. However, Coach Luthi, confident about Roger, will be ready before the 2021 Melbourne major event.   

In a recent conversation with Blick, Luthi answered when he was asked about Federer’s recovery, “So far, everything has been going according to plan and satisfactorily.”

After discussing the area’s Roger wants to improve his comeback with “Team Federer” consisting of physio Daniel Troxler, fitness trainer Pierre Paganini, medical officer Roland Biedert, and his wife Mirka as well. The coach explained, “Roger is not stressed yet. Tennis is only gradually becoming more important. Trainers must communicate well with one another.”

Roger Federer and Luthi

Luthi continued, “Roger is back on the field now and then. But the first phase of the tournament is still a long way off. Our motto is: Don’t rush things at his age – Kondi still has priority! ” 

“If Something Is Going On In Australia, Roger Will Be There”: Coach Luthi 

While having examples of a comeback for Federer, the 44-years-old suggested with a smile, “Roger certainly needs the pattern method. he doesn’t forget the feel for the ball so quickly.”

Roger Federer

Talking about Federer’s every year Dubai trip before playing in the Australian Open, the coach went on to say, “Do I have to give a tip, I say, the tournament is rising. But who knows what will happen if the number of infections there increases again?”

In conclusion, Luthi updated, “The longer we wait, the more we know. If something is going on in Australia, Roger will be there – that’s the plan.”

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