“Roger Is Inexplicable”: Diego Schwartzman Reveals His Special Relationship With Federer


Roger Federer

Roger Federer is one of the most lovable players in the tennis circuit. Additionally, the former world number one is also one of those loved by his rivals and fans equally. This time, the Argentine tennis star, Diego Schwartzman, talked about his friendly relationship with the RF.

Talking about Swiss maestro, Diego revealed that Roger Federer is a long-standing friend of his. Additionally, Diego himself is a man who is a familiar figure and is appreciated by all for his behavior both on and off-court.

Diego Schwartzman

In addition to this, Diego also explained various reasons for his fondness for the legend from Switzerland. He said, “I treat Roger as if he were my best friend. They have a sponsor pasta brand, and I screw them with that. I tell them when they will cook me pasta (laughs).” 

Schwartzman added, “In the last World Cup, he screwed me with Argentina. Under his breath, We have a constant back and forth. I am very much imitating my way of saying Roger (Rosher), we have a great relationship.” 

“He(Federer) Makes All The Imaginable Blows”: Diego Schwartzman

Moreover, the Argentine also mentioned various incidents where Federer was playing unbelievable tennis. He said, “At the tennis level, Roger is inexplicable. He makes all the imaginable blows with the same grip.” 

Roger Federer

Diego continued, “He says that, like Messi, sometimes he would prefer to have fewer options in his hand, to have one or two and not ten. When he gets hot he does. You see in the same position throwing high balls, a drop, and a shot at 200 km / h, with the same grip. Technically it is all-natural, and it also worked a lot. It is spectacular.” 

Additionally, Diego said that both share a great relationship. Besides, he could also be seen mentioning Federer as the best player in the game’s history.

This also explains his love for the Swiss legend, the man who is the favorite of almost everyone, including rivals and sponsors. Earlier too, many players have explained how good Federer is on and off the court.

Besides, Diego is also having a good time on the tennis court. The Argentine recently made it to the semi-finals of the French Open.

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