“Roger Federer And Novak Djokovic Are On Different Pedestals”- American Tennis Star On The Off-Court Popularity


Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic

Roger Federer, who is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, has a major fan following all around the world. People love him not only for his excellence in the sport but also for his respectful nature.

Moreover, He receives several endorsements from very reputed brands which just reflects that the masses accept him with love and respect.

Additionally, The current world no.01, Novak Djokovic has also become a tennis sensation in recent years by winning 17 grand slam singles titles and more.

However, according to Noah Rubin, Djokovic is not on the same pedestal as Federer. Djokovic might have equaled the on-court achievements by the former world no.01, but he has not been able to match his global acceptance.

Noah Rubin

“Over the years, whether it is because of being the fan-favorite or something else, Roger Federer has created this persona,” Rubin told the Tennis Major podcast Match Point.

“I think a lot of fans also remember Novak Djokovic and his scandal about faking an injury and other things he started, for which he got a PR team to build him up from those positions.” is what the former Wimbledon junior singles champion has to say.

“Federer Has Worked Very Hard”- Noah Rubin

Novak Djokovic has at times shown signs of aggression on the court. According to Rubin, this is what is restraining him from gaining popularity.

Noah Rubin also said, “There are some mistakes that Djokovic has made. Federer has as well but at different levels. I think at this point, they are on different pedestals.”

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic

Additionally American explained, “I do think that Djokovic has to fight what the media is saying but Federer has built this from the ground up, he has worked very hard.”

“Federer was a racket-throwing 18-year-old that turned into this perfect persona, that despite making a few mistakes, has upheld those high standards.”, he added.

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Federer in his initial years was a very aggressive player but worked upon himself and now, he is one of the most successful players with a very down to earth personality. Swiss for sure is an inspiration for many.


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