“Respect Each Other A Lot”: Rafael Nadal Sends Thank You Note To Roger Federer For His French Open 2020 Victory Wish


Rogar Federer and Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal blew away Novak Djokovic in straight sets to win his 13th French Open title. He made an iconic moment in history as he equaled Roger Federer’s all-time grand slam record of 20 titles.

Besides, Rafael Nadal believes that this long rivalry between the two legends is beautiful. In addition to this, the Spaniard believes that both the players share a friendly relationship and share a mutual respect. Also adding that both the players feel happy about each other’s achievement.

“Our Rivalry Is Something Beautiful”: Rafael Nadal 

Rogar Federer and Rafael Nadal

Nadal showcased what a true champion he is. However, many odd ends to how Rafael Nadal would survive the severe conditions at Roland Garros, clearly proving he’s indeed a history maker. 

“It’s not the moment, honestly for me, I don’t think today about the 20th, equal Roger on this great number”, Nadal said after equaling Federer’s record.

Additionally, He explained, “You can’t always be unhappy if your neighbor has a bigger house, boat, or a better phone. We will see that at the end of our career. It believes our rivalry is something beautiful. 

Besides, the Swiss legend congratulated Nadal on various social media sites and said that he deserved it. Moreover, Spaniard also said that their rivalry had pushed each other to perform better and thanked Roger for his kind words. 

Rogar Federer and Rafael Nadal

He also stated his relationship with Roger and claimed that they respect each other, and their game forms a lot. Also, how happy he gets when Roger achieves something and vice versa. Moreover, both have a positive relationship except that of their rivalry, going on for a very long time.

Spaniard continued, “I was not able, of course, to watch anything. But thanks to Roger for the words. As everybody knows, we have a very, very good relationship. We respect each other a lot. At the same time, in some way, I think he’s happy when I’m winning, and I’m happy when he’s doing things well.”

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