“Rafa Is The Absolute King”: Coach Goran Believes ‘Novak Can Beat Nadal’ at French Open


Coach Goran and Novak Djokovic

Goran Ivanisevic, one of Novak Djokovic coaches, believed that his player would beat Rafael Nadal at this year’s French Open final. In contrast, Serbian was defeated by Spaniard in the straight sets. However, coach Goran is confident Djokovic can beat the 13times champion at Roland Garros in next year’s event. 

In the recent interview with SportKlub, the Serbian coach answered several questions about Djokovic’s French Open loss and his plan for the rest of this season. 

Moreover, the 49-years-old responded when he was asked Djokovic can reach the title at Roland Garros until the end of his career?

Coach Goran and Novak Djokovic

The coach replied, “I think he can. Rafa is the absolute king, and when he enters the living room, then you have to play the best possible. This was a strange year. Who knows what it will be like next and what it brings us, but why couldn’t it? Now he has played the finals, Nadal and he are the two best in the world.” 

The former Croatian tennis player continued, “He will definitely play some more Grand Slam finals. I sincerely hope that it will happen in Paris next year. And I will say again that Novak can beat him. I always believe in that.”

“For me, that person is Novak. For others Federer or Nadal”: Coach Goran 

While Rafael Nadal equaled Roger Federer’s Grand Slam record of 20 titles, the fans and analysts would have been started to discuss who is GOAT in the men’s tennis.

Djokovic’s coach also revealed that what factors need to be considered while discussing GOAT in tennis.

Federer, Nadal and Djokovic

Besides, Goran explained, “First and foremost, the number of weeks as world number one, master titles and their head-to-head record. But who really is the GOAT will be a matter of preference, personal taste and will go on forever. For me, that person is Novak. For others Federer or Nadal.” 

He added, “It will be very difficult to reach a consensus there. But in the case that Novak manages to win more Grand Slam titles than Nadal and Federer, there will simply be no room for any dilemma.” 

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