“Rafa Is a Huge Favorite While Conditions Are a Little Better for Novak”: Dominic Thiem Comments on French Open 2020



The battle to win at the Roland Garros has already started. While Rafael Nadal may be the favorite to win the tournament, Dominic Thiem believes it would be easier for Novak Djokovic.

The US Open 2020 winner, who made it to the finals in the French Open’s previous two occasions, believes that the conditions and the ball’s change may provide some advantage to the Serbian.

Additionally, the French Open organizers have gone with different balls for this year. They happened to end their long-term partnership with the Babolat balls.

Djokovic and Nadal

Besides, the world number 3 believes that this might go against the 12-times champion here, Rafael Nadal. Additionally, the Austrian also thinks that the change of ball will also affect his game.

In addition to this, Thiem also believes that the weather conditions will also affect the tournament results. Traditionally, the tournament takes place during the summer days. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the tournament is now played in the year’s colder and cloudy days. 

“They(Babolat) Was My Favorite Balls”- Dominic Thiem

Thiem, who likes to play in the hot conditions, thinks that this may bring different results to the tournament than expected. In an interaction with Media, Thiem said, “It is true that there are some small changes, with a slightly different ball. They were my favorite balls. They were really perfect for the lift. I also think Rafa liked them very much. It can also have rainy, cold weather. It may be a little more difficult for him, the same for me”.


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He continued, “I also like it when it is hot when the ball bounces high. Maybe the conditions are a little better for Novak. Having said that, I repeat that Rafa is a huge favorite. Then, behind Novak (Djokovic), I guess I come with Sascha (Zverev), Daniil (Medvedev), and Stefanos (Tsitispas).”


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