“Practice Doesn’t Really Matter”- Andy Murray Lauds His On-Court Performance Against Alexander Zverev


Andy Murray

Andy Murray returned to the court after a very long time, and he made sure that he returned with a bang. Additionally, the British professional is competing in the Western and Southern Open. The three-time Grand Slam winner defeated the fifth-seeded German, Alexander Zverev by 6-3 3-6 7-5 in the second round of the tournament.

While Murray had an easy win in the first round, winning against Zverev sure would have given him the boost he required. Additionally, these wins are significant in the US Open point of view. US Open is to start on 31st August.

Former world number one Murray answered when asked did he expect to beat top ten player Alexander Zverev, “If you watched my practice sets and stuff and the build-up to the tournament, you would have said, ‘No’. I was getting belted by everyone. That had also been the case when I had been playing practice matches and practice sets back home. Couldn’t win one.” 

Andy Murray

He also added, “But practice doesn’t really matter. It’s what obviously you do on the match court.” 

Additionally, Briton explained his performance against an opponent on the court, “I was moving pretty well at the end of the match. Definitely had some lulls in there, like drop-offs in intensity, a bit of energy at times. It was ridiculously hot at the beginning of the match, unbelievably hot and humid.” 

Besides, Andy Murray went to say, “I think I would have gotten through a five-setter… it would have been tough, for sure.”

“It Was A Big One To Get Through”- Andy Murray On Win Against Top 10

Murray, after winning the match said, “It was a big one to get through. I am satisfied to get through it against a top player. It feels even better because I have not played for such a long time. And I get another opportunity to compete again tomorrow.” 

Andy Murray

However, it was clearly not the match both the players would like to look at again. The match, especially the third set saw a lot of unforced errors from both sides.

While in the third set Murray was leading by 4-1, Zverev came back to lead it by 5-4. However, serving for the match Zverev double-faulted thrice and gave an opportunity to Murray to come back into the match. 

After the match conversation, Murray also talked about his health and physical well being. He said, “This will give me an idea where my body is at.” 

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Murray will now be facing Milos Raonic in the Round of 16. The Canadian tennis professional defeated Dan Evans in his fixture by 6-3 7-5.

Murray who is a previous winner of the tournament would like to win it again this year.


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