“Players Will Need To Be A Bit Careful”- Andy Murray Sends Safety Message To The Back To Back Tennis Tour Participants


Andy Murray

With the ongoing pandemic and the forced lockdown, all of the tennis tournaments are on hold including the slams. The last five months have been a little dull for the tennis fraternity, but it’s coming back to life again with the tournaments resuming. 

The 22nd August is when the first event, Southern and western open will commence and will be held in New York instead of Cincinnati this year. It is where the US Open will also take place a week after, as it will reduce the travel exposure for the players.

All the tournaments this year will take place very closely back to back. Immediately after the US Open, the European clay-court season is due to start. Then the tournament in Rome will take place before the French Open. It is a very tight schedule with almost seven weeks of non-stop play, Which is going to feel more tiring after more than five months of rest.

Andy Murray

The Briton, Andy Murray is also concerned about the same and has some important advice for the ones planning to play all the consecutive events.

“I’m sure that any physiotherapist or sports doctor would tell you.”, a piece of advice from Andy Murray!

The 33-year-old is worried about the transition from hard to the clay-court, which generally requires at least a week of training.

“I think the players need to be smart with their scheduling because there’s no time in between the events to do anything like even a 10-day preparation on the surface. I’m sure that any physiotherapist or sports doctor would tell you that when you start changing surfaces and you don’t gradually increase the load on your body on that new surface you’re creating a higher risk for injuries.”, Andy Murray said.

Andy Murray

This year some changes are being made to the world rankings points system, to reduce the pressure on the players. For the rest of this year, players will not lose any points for missing an event in which they competed in 2019.

“Hopefully that will help the players who are winning matches and going deep in the events to make slightly smarter calls on that. But players will need to be a bit careful, especially coming in to play best-of-five-sets events very quickly.”, the three-time Grand Slam champion added.

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The second half of 2020 is going to be very hectic for the players, totally opposite to the first half. But nevertheless, everyone is more than ready to get back on the court and compete!

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