“Players Don’t Want To Become Friends”- Stefanos Tsitsipas On The Other Side of The Tennis Tours


Stefanos Tsitsipas

A racket sport, as known as an individual sport, where it is a player responsibility for them wins or losses in the matches. However, the ATP finals reigning champion Stefanos Tsitsipas unveiled his friendship experiences on the tennis tours.

While Greece tennis star would compare his previous life with philosophers Pythagoras and Socrates, Besides, He said on behind the racquet interview, “In 2018, I broke into the Top 15 and was seeded in Grand Slams. That’s when I understood my potential. In the beginning, I traveled with only my dad. Now, I travel with my dad, mom, and three siblings. I’m the main source of income for my family.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas

World number six Stefanos Tsitsipas also said traveling alone for tennis tours would be awful.“I felt isolated. I wasn’t home to see what was going on because I was traveling. Moreover, I needed support. My mental coach shared his wisdom and inspired me. Then I said to myself, You’ve dedicated your entire life to tennis, you can’t just give up. You’ve got to keep going. I play tennis to prove that my country has a great history and can achieve success.” 

Additionally, Tsitsipas is the youngest player ranked in the top ten by men’s tennis organization(ATP). Moreover, He became the highest-ranked Greek player in history. Currently, Stefanos is ranking number sixth in the world.

“I would develop friendships but it turned out to be the opposite”- Stefanos Tsitsipas

If someone was born in a tennis family, there are no friends needed to teach them tennis skills. But, everyone needs a friend to share the personal stuff, wherever it is even tennis tours.  

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Besides, 21-years-old Stefanos Tsitsipas explained his experiences when he was trying to develop a friendship during the tennis tours. “Tennis is a very introverted sport and we face everything alone. We have a team that follows us all over the world but I have spent countless sleepless nights on my own. All the traveling and competing causes a lot of stress and I grew very lonely.⁣⁣”

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“I was an introverted child and didn’t have many friends. When I started playing on tour, I thought I would develop friendships but it turned out to be the opposite. Most players keep to themselves. I feel like players don’t want to become friends because they think someone will grab a secret from you to beat you. I guess they’re just too serious about the whole thing. Friends would make traveling less lonely.⁣⁣” Tsitsipas concluded.

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