“People To Remember Me As A Good Person Than As A Champion”: Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has 20 Grand Slams to his name, and the Spaniard is 34 years old currently. While many players tend to give up after 29 or 30, Nadal is here, winning Grand Slams and making records.

However, when asked how he would like people to remember after his time on the court is over, Nadal believes that being famous as a champion is good. However, he would also be love to be remembered as the right person.

In an interview, Nadal replied to this popular question that this question is more important to him at a personal level than a professional one. In addition to this, he said, “I always say that I would like people to remember me as a good person than as a champion. Or, for that matter, something else.”

Rafael Nadal

“The Interest Is About What I Do, Not Who I am”: Rafael Nadal 

Besides, the Spaniard also added, “In the end, these victories, titles are moments of happiness. These are the moments of euphoria, adrenaline, success.” But Nadal also believes that these moments are just temporary. 

He said that his experiences from the game tell him that the success and interest we generate in people and companies are temporary. The French Open 2020 champion said, “The interest is about what I do, not who I am.”

The “King of Clay” believes that the most significant thing is that people should have a positive attitude towards you. And this is especially in the case where people know you. He added, “It is important that the image transferred into the world can be fabricated.”

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is currently the world’s second-best player, just behind Novak Djokovic, the Serbian. Additionally, Nadal recently defeated Djokovic in the finals of the French Open or at Roland Garros.

And with his words in the interview. one can only say that being remembered as the right person is always important.

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