“People Still Recognize Me”- Coco Gauff On Overnight Fame After Win Against Venus Williams At Wimbledon


Coco Gauff

American Rising tennis star Coco Gauff became the youngest player to reach the main draw in Wimbledon by qualifying in the Open Era. Consequently, Gauff defeated Venus Williams in the straight sets. For these reasons, Her fame spread across the world after a third-round match in 2019 Wimbledon. 

World No.54 Coco Gauff reminisced her Wimbledon memories after the win against Venus Williams on the BBC sports interview. “I went from 30k followers to 500k overnight probably. I think I got recognition from really famous people all around the world. It’s something I am not used to be. People still recognize me.” Coco Gauff said.

Cori Gauff also explained her met with the former first lady of the  United States. Whos special have you met believe Michelle Obama, someone, you really want to meet?

“Yeah, probably that is one of my favorites. She is really nice. And she is tall as my height too. I think she is the biggest inspiration to everyone across the world. Not just because she is the first lady and also she handles herself and just inspires the whole youth to work out exercise. She continues to push boundaries”. Coco Gauff added.

I Hope Everything Will Be Perfect”- Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff was born to Candi and Corey Gauff, Delray Beach, Florida. She has two younger brothers, Codey, who is four years younger, and Cameron, who is nine years younger.

Coco Gauff

Gauff expressed her love within the family. I know how you re close to family. Your mom and dad are very much involved and also your brothers?

Cori Gauff said, “What they want from Australia my youngest brother Cameron said he wanted a shark tooth necklace. I think it is normal or something. I don’t remember. Nut pretty sure it is a shark tooth necklace.  and my other brother Cody is about12, he asked for 1% of my prize money – even 1% or 10% I don’t remember. But still, he did not get it”

“I am A Good Driver But A Bad Parker”- Gauff

Eventually, 16 years old Coco Gauff updated her driving license status: lastly, I am going to ask have you got your driving license. I know from 16 you can drive in America? Are you a good driver?

Coco Gauff

“I have my permit which is a restricted license and actual license in November because I got my permit before a year. I hope everything will be perfect. And I am a good driver but a bad parker. In the US the spaces are big it is not that bad.” Coco Gauff replied.

The age at which a teenager can start to drive varies greatly depending upon the state in which the adolescent resides in the United States.

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In nine states, teenagers can enter the learner stage of a graduated driver licensing (GDL) system and obtain an instructional permit before turning 15 years of age. In some rare circumstances, a teen can drive alone with restrictions at age 14.


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