Patrick Mouratoglou Believes That Murray Can Take Lessons From Federer To Win Matches


Murray and Federer

Patrick Mouratoglou believes that Andy Murray can learn one or two lessons from Roger Federer to win matches in this stage of his career. That he way has to find more aggressive ways to move ahead in his tennis career.

Mouratoglou, who coached Serena Williams, and led her to win 10 Grand Slams, out of the 23, said, “Murray has not had a single easy win since his return to the court”. Besides, he also claimed that Murray may just have become the victim of his success. Additionally, he also believes that the former world number works really hard to win the matches.

In a conversation with ‘The Eye Of The Coach’, the Frenchman said, “He is a hard worker. He has to work every point, every rally. And this is the story of his career.”

Patrick Mouratoglou

Moreover, he also added that it is Murray’s work ethic that is the reason behind his wins, including the 3 Grand Slams. Additionally, Murray also has two Olympic gold medals, Davis Cup victories, etc. 

Mouratoglou also talked about Murray’s hip operation and playing with a metal hip. He said, “The efforts he made to achieve all these goals hurt in the end. It may have ended his career.” 

“He May Have To Shorten The Matches And The Rallies”-Patrick Mouratoglou

However, Murray is back in action and is still playing at the highest level. The coach believes that for Murray to win matches, it is integral that he shortens the lengths of the matches. To continue his career. he needs to keep the rally short. He said, “I think it is going to be more difficult. I am not saying he will be playing 5 sets every match. But even three are painful, heavy sets with a lot of running.”

Murray and Federer

Serena Williams’ coach added, “So if he wants to continue playing, he can take out a few things from Federer. Federer thought how to shorten the rallies, how I am going to win Grand Slams against guys who are fitter in a way that they can play much longer.

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I have to find a way to shorten matches and save my energy. And if I need to play 5 sets in the final I will be able to do it. But if have to do it many times, because the rallies are long, I am not going to make it. So maybe Andy needs to have some thought and come with some kind of strategy.”, Mouratoglou concluded.


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