Our Parents Helped Us to Know Who We Were – Williams Sisters


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Obviously we are not here without our parents however the best siblings mom and dad are a step ahead for them. In the 80s, Former World No.01 players Venus Williams and Serena Williams were born to Richard Williams and Oracene Price in Saginaw, Michigan, USA. At the age of 4, Williams sisters started playing tennis with their father in Compton suburbs, California.

To further enhance, Three-times Olympic Gold medalist moved from Compton to Florida in the 90s. In the beginning, Williams sisters attended Rick Macci Tennis Academy nevertheless due to racism and irrespective their father pulled his daughters out of the Macci Tennis Academy.

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Eventually, Richard Williams became the full-time coach for his daughters Venus and Serena. And also, Williams Sisters took over all coaching at their home, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Greatest Achievements of Williams Sisters under their Dad

Serena Williams and Venus Williams discussed their Childhood hardships on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube show. Meanwhile, Naomi asked them does their father Richard still come to training? 

Williams Sisters replied:  “Yeah dad still comes down to training. When we’re training he does and that’s like the best time because we get to see him and then we just get to hang out. But now we’re like that’s I think that’s what I want to do is just hang out with my dads like a lot and our dad is older too. He’s closing to 80 now so we were we also being really careful around him.”

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During the Richard Williams coaching period, Williams sisters claimed 109 singles titles(Serena-64 and Venus-45). Furthermore, they won 28 doubles titles as well. 

Although, Naomi Campbell Inquired about their 90’s hardships 

Williams Sisters replied: “The late 90s so we were able to benefit from a lot of things that they went through and we didn’t necessarily have it in the tennis world as intense as they probably did yeah just to piggyback on that too is that thankfully we had parents that helped us to know who we were in this world and that you may face things that other view might not face because of the colour of your skin at the same time the great part about tennis.” 


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