“Our Limit Is Not Fixed”- Simona Halep Reveals Her Lockdown Lessons


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Former World Number One, Simona Halep has reached a milestone in her tennis career before unusual hiatus. As a result of her 20th singles titles at the Dubai Duty-free tennis championships. Consequently, Romanian pulled out from tennis tours due to her right knee injury. Recently, Simona Halep opens up her past and present lockdown learning experiences. 

Wimbledon Reigning Simona Halep explained that she learned different things from the lockdown. 

“I learned a lot from the two-month isolation. I realized that in the last 6 years I’ve been actually on total lockdown. It occurred to me that I have to change something in my life, in order to also develop on the emotional and personal side. The fact that I’ve been on lockdown for 6 years has helped me become world No. 1, but now, for me to have a happy life without tennis, I am slowly trying to experience new feelings, see something else.”

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“My mindset is such that it tells me I have to be home at 22 in the evening because I have to train the next morning. I can’t let go completely, but I’ve progressed a bit. And I’m proud,” Halep said in an interview for the site of one of her main sponsors.

In 9, October 2017 Simona Halep became the number one player in the world. And also she spent 64 weeks in the WTA rankings table as the number one player

“I’m tough on myself”-  Simona Halep

The road to success is not easy for everyone in the world. You have to work hard and be patient for a while. Moreover, you have to push yourself to get what do you want in your life. 2018 Roland Garros Champion Simona Halep says that the limit extension pushed her to win a Grand Slam. 

 “For the first time, I watched nature unfold … it’s incredible. Now I realize these years have been – not hard, but a time of constant rush. I was running full-throttle all the time and I was blocking everything out. I had just one goal, tennis and nothing else. I’m tough on myself, I’m my biggest critic and this has helped me.”

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“But when you demand increasingly more of yourself, the limit moves up… Our limit is not fixed, you can make it more elastic. In 2017, when I lost the second Grand Slam final – I’m talking about it because it left a mark on me – I could say that was my limit … but I have always pushed my limit and little by little I won,” Halep said.


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