“Not Like Over Protecting Mom”: Serena Williams Signs For Her Daughter Olympia’s Tennis Lesson


Serena Williams and Olympia

The all-time favorite and the legend, Serena Williams, never shy away from sharing her thoughts and opinions on social media. Along with that, the former number one also surprises her fans by posting fun and cute videos of herself with her family and especially her daughter, Olympia. 

Be it family dance parties, dressing up in princess dresses, or spa days, she leaves all of us having FOMO in the process. The American recently posted on her Instagram stories showing her routine during her off days and how she spends them. 

Serena Williams also shared the very, very exciting news on her Instagram recently! The 23-time grand slam singles champion has signed her daughter up for a tennis coaching class! She has posted pictures with her daughter on the tennis court, and that is how we know she loves tennis.

Serena Williams and Olympia

Being the daughter of such an outstanding world-class tennis player and an entrepreneur, there were a lot of questions about her getting into tennis or not. Well, now it’s all clear. Williams wants her daughter to start young.

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Busy mom, Serena!

But there is a twist in the story. Most of us would expect Serena to be training her daughter, being the champion at the sport. But that is not it. Williams is not teaching her daughter but has signed her up for tennis lessons. 

Moreover, her (Olympia’s) coach has no idea that she is ‘Serena Williams’ daughter! Thank god, it is this way. Otherwise, could you imagine the pressure of coaching the daughter of the World-class record holder and the all-time favorite tennis star, Serena Williams?! It would be insane! 

It would be an extraordinary journey to watch the junior Williams play and learn the sport that is so close to her mother’s heart. We wish her all the very best!

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