“No Longer Feel That Passion”: Rafael Nadal Hints About Retirement


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is 34 currently. And the Spaniard thinks that he might retire at this time the next year. However, the same is not happening any time now.

Nadal, who recently won his 20th Grand Slam of his tennis career, is one of the most successful tennis players in the game’s history. Additionally, he is also one of the greatest players of the clay surface and is regarded as the ”King of Clay”.

However, there comes a time when every great legend has to retire, and Nadal is not afraid to talk about it. Besides, the former world number one is aware that he will have to give up the game sometime in the coming years.

Rafael Nadal

In a conversation with El Periodico, Nadal said, “I do not know when I will retire.” Besides, the current world number two also added, “Who knows if that will be the same in a year’s time.”

”I Do Not Know What Life Will Bring”- Rafael Nadal

Talking more about retirement, he said that one could not predict what the future has in store. He said, “I do not know what life will bring. Maybe things will happen that will make me feel disillusioned about what I am doing.”

While Nadal doesn’t want things to happen this way, the Spaniard believes that one must be prepared to face any challenge or change in life. He revealed that he is not afraid of this particular day. “Of course, I am not afraid of that day. And therefore, I do not consider it”, said Nadal.

Rafael Nadal

Besides, he also added that he would just know when is the time to retire. Adding to this, he said, “I will realize. I will probably no longer feel that passion for going to the training every morning. And will not have the objective to improve continuously.”

He said that it will be his time to exit from the game when these incidents occur with him. And he will start doing those things that are more important to him than the game itself.

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