“Never Ever Give Up” – Watch: Serena Williams Works Harder For Her 24th Grand Slam


Serena Williams

Tennis Great Serena Williams won her last Grand Slam title three years ago in Melbourne. Followed by that, Williams played four major tournament finals for a record-equaling Grand Slam title but, she did not clinch it. However, Serena’s fans and coach believe she can do it in the US Open 2020.

In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, USTA confirmed that the hardcourt Grand Slam tournament to take place from 24th August to 13th September in Flushing Meadows. Six-time US Open Champion Serena Williams also decided to play in the home country’s major title tournament in New York.  

Consequently, Serana has started the preparation for the US Open with a new laykold tennis court in her house backyard. Often, we have seen videos, images about Serena’s hard workout on the part of the practice session.

Serena Williams

As a consequence, we got one more video about Serena Williams’s home gym workout through social media sources. An around 40 seconds revealed that Williams’s hard-working personality. It looks really amazing to watch.


“She’s Practicing Hard” -Serena Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou 

For the reason of the Coronavirus self-isolation, Coach Patrick Mouratoglou would not join with Serena’s coaching team in the United States. At the same time, French man has been giving tennis playing tips to Williams through virtual coaching.

“She was filming her practices and sending them to me so we could talk about it, and I feel she’s doing well, she’s practicing hard. “ Coach said in a recent interview with essentially sports.


In 2020, Former World Number One Serena Williams has won her first singles title at Auckland Open since childbirth. She also reached finals in the doubles event with her one of the best friend Caroline Wozniacki. Moreover, Serena qualified until the third round at the Australian Open. 

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Although, the recent Serena’s videos, images, and news have been saying one thing that She never gives up in the Flushing Meadows.


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