Naomi Osaka Claims Racism In Japan Amid BLM Protests


Naomi Osaka

Former World Number One Naomi Osaka continues to raise her voice against racism in the United States. At the same time, Osaka overviews on the racial discrimination it has spread all around the world. Also, She made a claim that racism in her home country Japan.

2019 US Open champion actively shares her thoughts against racial injustice. Osaka always found that soft-spoken in her social media pages. Following the death of an unarmed African-American at the Minnoaplies, Osaka’s most of the social media posts pointed at racism.

Naomi Osaka born to Haitian father and Japanese mother said that racism crosses all borders. As she once was a victim of racism in her home country Japan.

On twitter one of her followers tweeted, “There is no racism in Japan. Do not make a disturbance.” And this tweet got the attention of Naomi Osaka. However, She replied with a post that she also faced racism in Japan. In 2019, Japanese comedy duo A Masso made a racist remark on Osaka.

They said that “Osaka is too sunburned” and “needs some bleach”. Later, their management company Watanabe Entertainment Co Ltd issued an apology to Naomi Osaka.

Protests Against Racism in Naomi Osaka’s Japan And South Korea

The Black Lives Matter campaign flows across the United States borders. Recently, the Black Lives Matter movement protests hold in Toyoko and Seoul. Besides, one of Naomi’s followers tweeted that, “Racism is not one-sided. Stick to tennis”. She trolled his remarks with a post of “Harry Potter and the Audacity of This Bitch.”

An African-American George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis sparked protests and demonstrations in the United States. Several people are doing vandalism on the streets. Naomi Osaka Condemns those protesters who are doing vandalism.

Naomi Osaka

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Although Naomi Osaka joined in the racism fighters list along with Tennis Great Serena Williams, Basket Ball Legend Michael Jordan, and Rising tennis star Coco Gauff.  


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