Naomi Osaka And Her Sister Mari Osaka Design Face Mask For Charity To Help Underserved Communities


Naomi Osaka

Coronavirus has affected more than eleven million people all around the world. For this reason, the face mask becomes a part of our day to day life to save us from the giant killer. Recently, Naomi and her elder sister Mari Osaka designed a limited edition face mask in collaboration with UNICEF to help the underserved communities.

The face masks will sell for people in need of the minimum price. Moreover, the money from the sale of the masks will use for underprivileged youths in Japan. The limited-edition masks are available in at a retail price of US$10.

Two time Grand Slam Champion Naomi also interested in fashion, photography, and video games. Right now, the Osaka sisters used their creative skills to design a face mask for charity.

Naomi Osaka and Mari Osaka

In an interview with Vogue Magazine Naomi Osaka said, “I’ve always really loved clothes,” “When I and Mari were younger, we used to have really long car rides to tournaments and to pass the time, she would always draw. I just looked at her drawing and thought, ‘Oh, that looks really fun,’ so I started to copy her—which I guess is what I did in tennis as well. But that’s what started everything.”

“The Idea Came From Naomi”- Mari Osaka

During this COVID-19 crisis, both Naomi and Mari wanted to explore their creative side to make a difference.

Mari Osaka said “The idea came from Naomi at the beginning. I just kind of helped her with the design”. Naomi continued “I was seeing everyone in the U.S. wearing the same medical mask, and I remember in Japan even before this whole situation happened, everyone was wearing masks and they were quite fashionable. So I wanted to release a mask that wasn’t just for protection, but could also be used as a fashion statement.”

A fruitful design of the mask featured with cartoon animal eyes. The cartoon-styled inspiration came from the sisters’ love for animated cartoons and also the reflection of the cultural heritage of their motherland. She revealed her love towards animals asking “Why wouldn’t you want a little animal on your thing so people can really understand how cute you truly are inside?”

Naomi Osaka and Mari Osaka

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This initiative is Naomi’s latest addition to the fashion industry. In February, Naomi introduced her first collection at New York Fashion Week partnered with Hanako Maeda’s ADEAM fashion house, and with design input from Mari.

Naomi said, “It’s relaxing not to have to go into fashion in such a super-serious way, and to feel really creative and free.”


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