“Nadal’s Hold on the French Open Could Be Under Serious Threat This Year”- Annabel Croft Senses Thiem Could Offer a Huge Challenge


Thiem and Nadal

World number two Rafael Nadal has started his preparation for the upcoming  French Open. Spaniard has won 12 of 19 his Grand Slams on the same. However, the famous tennis commentator Annabel Croft has sensed Dominic Thiem could offer a huge challenge for Nadal this year.  

While Austrian went to the finals at the Roland Garros in the last two seasons, besides he lost to Rafael Nadal both times. The final match was concluded in three sets in 2018 but last year it went on until the fourth set.

Thiem and Nadal

The former British No.01 WTA Player said, “For a long time now we have wondered which of the younger players would be the first to win a Grand Slam title and end the domination of Djokovic, Nadal, and Roger Federer. Thiem has put himself at the head of the queue, to the point where Nadal’s hold on the French Open could be under serious threat this year.”

Additionally, She added, “Despite those defeats at Roland Garros, Thiem has had more success against Nadal on clay than any other player in recent seasons, having beaten him on the surface four times in as many years. While last summer’s French Open final showed that there was still a gap between the two men, it was the first time that Thiem had taken a set off Nadal at Roland Garros.”

 “You Can Never Take Djokovic Out of The Equation”- Annabel Croft

Annabel Croft

The television presenter admitted world number one Novak Djokovic is also one the favorite at French Open 2020. But, She believes the 27-years -old Dominic Thiem can beat Serbian in the clay surfaces.  

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Additionally, the 54-years-old British woman said, “At this stage, you would have to say that Nadal is likely to be the favorite to win in Paris again (for an incredible 13th time), but I sense that Thiem could offer a huge challenge this year. You can never take Djokovic out of the equation, but his defeat to Thiem in last year’s semi-finals at Roland Garros suggested that the Austrian has an edge over the Serb on clay.”


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