“My Prognosis Is 3:2 in Sets For Djokovic”: Mats Wilander Predictions Ahead of Djokovic vs Nadal clash at French Open 2020


Novak Djokovic

Mats Wilander, the former number one from Sweden, has some predictions about the upcoming clash between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Nadal and Djokovic will be facing each other at the French Open final on Sunday.

Wilander, the analyst of several tennis events, has been analyzing this match and has some forecasts! The 56-year-old is known for denying his predictions as the tournament progresses, but this time he remained consistent. 

Before the start of the tournament, I said that Djokovic is a slight favorite. Nadal, on the other hand, played several great matches. He shook my attitude a little. Despite everything, I think that the changes in the final are 51:49 in favor of Novak. My prognosis is 3: 2 in sets for Djokovic.“, the Swede said.

Mats Wilander

He(Djokovic) Will Be disappointed”: Mats Wilander

According to Wilander, the match will be a five-setter and will go in favor of the Serb. One thing that the Swede is concerned about is the impact of Djokovic’s previous performance. He believes the current world number one should have put the match away in three sets, dragged till the fifth set. This might add some pressure to Novak.

“For Novak Djokovic, that’s what he will be disappointed with.” Eurosport expert said. “He could have put this match away in three sets and didn’t do it. A match like this will add just a little bit for Novak in the final.”

Moreover, Wilander now thinks that Novak will need a solid start against the Spaniard to secure the winning position.

Novak Djokovic

I thought that in the final, Rafa would be the one who would need a great start, but after this match, I think Novak will actually need a strong start because he will ‘feel’ this duel still. “Seeing that Novak lost two sets will only be a reason for Rafa to go beyond his limits before allowing himself to lose on Sunday. “, Wilander added.

In this final will, Nadal aims for his 20th slam title to equal Roger Federer, and the Serb will have a chance to become the first player to win each Grand Slam twice.

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