“Most Tennis Professionals Are Fascinated By Roger Federer”- Rising Tennis Star


Roger Federer

Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player is also one of the most open and modest players in the tennis circuit. Rising tennis star sees Federer as a glowing character. Additionally, he also says that the whole tennis circuit is in awe of the Swiss legend.

He said to the Polish media, “It is said that most tennis professionals are fascinated by Roger Federer.” In addition to this, Hurkacz said, “He does not build walls. Although theoretically, he could say- I am enclosing myself.”

Hubert Hurkacz

Further adding that “Ever since my first big tournament, and later on as well. I could casually talk to him.” Moreover, the 23-year-old shared, “He is a very open and modest person. It is really cool.”

“Good Atmosphere Is The Tennis World” – Hubert Hurkacz

However, the Polish great also did not lie back from saying that this wasn’t something particular to Federer. The whole tennis circuit is a very good place to be at.

He said, “Everyone says hi to each other.” Moreover, he had all praise for all the other players and his competitors. “I think there is generally a good atmosphere in the whole of the tennis world. Most players like each other. They are usually very positive as well as open-minded.”

Hubert Hurkacz

Additionally, both Federer and Hurkacz are on opposite sides in their career. While Federer is reaching the late stage of his career, the Polish has just started his journey. 

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While the Polish are still making a mark for himself, he has been able to make heads turn. Additionally, his performances in some of the top tournaments are top news. Hubert Hurkacz is currently the 29th best player in the ATP ranking table.


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