“Most Difficult For Me”: Three Times French Open Champion Fears for Facing Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal

Ivan Lendl, one of the most successful players in the game of tennis says that Rafael Nadal will be the player he would least like to play against. Additionally, Lendl, in his times hated to play against the left-handers.

Besides, Lendl’s two biggest rivals, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe, both were left-handers. In addition to this, half of the top 10 players during his time were left-handers.

Lendl mentioned that even in the Big Three, he would like least to play against Rafael Nadal as he is a left-handed athlete.

Due to this, Lendl was fixed in a unique situation where he could not figure out how to play against the left-handers. To help himself, Lendl hired Tony Roche, as he was a left-handed player. 

Talking about this in a podcast of Holding Court, Lendl explained that he would face great difficulty in playing against Nadal. He said, “The most difficult for me to play against would be Rafael Nadal. This is because as a kid, I was not able to play against left-handers.”

“He (Roche) Could Tell Me What Left-Handers Liked”- Ivan Lendl

Additionally, when asked about who would he least likely to play against in this modern era, Lendl mentioned the champion of the recently concluded French Open.

Lendl also said, “We had no left-handers at our club. That is why I also hired Tony Roche. He was a leftie. He could tell me what left-handers liked and what they did not like.”

Besides, Lendl also talked about Nadal’s performance in the final of the French Open 2020. He said that the Spaniard used excellent tactics to play against Djokovic. He added that Nadal’s aggressive play, crosscourt backhand helped him win the match against Novak.

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