”Most Difficult Final”- Rafael Nadal’s Uncle Still Believes the French Open 2020 Conditions Favour to Novak Djokovic


Toni and Rafael Nadal

The world number two and 12 times champion at the Roland Garros Rafael Nadal will play against Novak Djokovic. It will be a historical and an explosive final.

Additionally, if the Spaniard can win the French Open 2020, he will equal Roger Federer’s 20 Grand Slam titles. Besides, if the Serb wins it, he will become the first player in history to win all the major twice. 

While conditions may be challenging more for the Spaniard when he arrives on the court, uncle and former coach Toni Nadal wishes things to go well.

Toni and Rafael Nadal

In a conversation with EFE, a Spanish press agency, Toni said that the match would be difficult and regarded it to be the ”most difficult” final for Rafael Nadal. Besides, also saying that he is in a state of worry about how things will go when both the players step on the court.

”I Am Convinced That Things Will Go Well”- Rafael’ s Toni

Additionally, he said, ”It will be the most difficult final. I’m happy with what he’s done so far. When he had to look for solutions, he succeeded. But for the final, he must above all succeed because the conditions favor Novak Djokovic. He must, above all, use well and rely on his forehand to do “damage.” Even if I am worried, I am convinced that things will go well.”

While Paris’s conditions are not favoring the Spaniard, he has not faced any real threats from his opponents. However, it is also true that he has not met anyone equal to Djokovic’s caliber.


Toni also shared, ”Since Rafa agreed to the final, you already think about this game. And you think about it. You know how important it is for him to win this title. The nerves are normal before a big date.”

Besides, Toni also revealed that Djokovic worried him from day one. Additionally, the Serb arrived in Paris after a Rome victory, where he won the Italian Open 2020. 

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