“More Difficult To Prepare Matches Against Djokovic Than Those With Federer”: Rafael Nadal’s Uncle


Toni Nadal and Rafael Nadal

While the “Big 3” rivalry is always a thing to talk about, Toni Nadal, uncle and former coach of Rafael Nadal, reveals that it has always been tough to strategize against Novak Djokovic than against Roger Federer. Additionally, while they were able to target Federer, Tony Nadal believes that Djokovic was a different player. 

In a conversation with Eurosport France, Toni said, “For me, it has always been more and more difficult to prepare matches against Djokovic than those with Federer.”

In addition to this, he also said, “We had a plan against Roger. We knew that Rafa had to push hard with his backhand and a high trajectory. And this would increase the chances of winning for Rafa.”

Federer, Djokovic and Nadal

“With Nole(Djokovic), You Try To Play Big”- Toni

Talking about the Serbian, Toni said, “With Nole, however, you never know what to do. You just have to try to play big.” Moving ahead, Toni also recalled memories of Nadal playing against Djokovic.

Remembering the Flushing Meadows’ match in 2013, Toni reveals that Rafa asked him the strategy to defeat Djokovic. Additionally, Toni, too, was looking for the same, he Toni told.

Adding on, Toni Nadal said, “I remember telling Rafa that you have to hit balls hard down the center.” Moreover, Toni Nadal recalled telling Nadal, “Do not move too much against him. Otherwise, he can look for the lines.”

He said, “Then I told Carlos Costa, who was sitting next to me, that we should go to church to pray.”

Additionally, both Nadal and Djokovic are competing in the French Open tournament in Paris. While Nadal, who already has 12 titles at the Roland Garros, is the favorite to win the title, Djokovic is top-seeded.

Besides Dominic Thiem, the US Open 2020 champion will also threaten both the players. Moreover, if Nadal wins the tournament, he will even equal rival Federer’s 20 Grand Slam titles.

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