“More Difficult For Rafa Than For Novak”: Karen Khachanov on Raining at Roland Garros


Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal

Things have changed at the Roland Garros with the event played in the cold and rainy months and introduced new balls in the tournament. With the temperature dropping down to 11-12 degrees and raindrops pouring, it has not been easy for anyone to adapt. 

However, it is sure that these changes might affect someone more than the other. Moreover, with the balls being heavy, it is hard to play the shots, while players adjust to the new conditions. 

“I Don’t Play Like That on Clay”- Karen Khachanov

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal

Additionally, Karen Khachanov said, “What to say? It’s no secret, all players feel the same at this time of year, which is fall. You know, last week was fine, the weather was fine. There, it’s 12 or 13 degrees, and it’s raining, the courts are very “long,” 

“The balls are heavy and oversized. You have to build more points. It’s hard to pull off a winning shot. Balls bounce less. You have to adjust, but it’s the same for all players. I think there are more exchanges. It’s more physical than usual, I would say. So you have to build your points, it’s quite interesting ”. It levels the playing field for all players.”, he added. 

Karen Khachanov

The Russian also said, “Given the conditions, indeed, it equalizes the chances for all the players. It helps some players. These players feel less of the effects given to the balls; we play more in the court.” 

“I don’t play like that on clay, but for a lot of players, it helps them. For Novak, it’s hard to say. I would like to see his first game tomorrow. Usually, heavy bullets look better on him than Rafa. We know there is no secret. Even before, when it rains, we know that it is more difficult for Rafa than for Novak”, Khachanov added.

The 24-year old and four times ATP title winner will now play Jiri Vesely in the second round of the French Open 2020.

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