“Man With A Huge Soul And Heart”: Novak Djokovic Receives ‘Thank You’ Message From Father of Autistic Fans


Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has done wonders on the court. He is the world number one in tennis and for a reason. It turns out the Serb is fantastic not only on the court but off it too. He did something that has been delightful to hear about. 

It all starts with Zoran Mijalkov, the father of two sons, who live in Macedonia. Both his sons suffer from autism. He raises both his children and works around them every day.

He takes such good care of both Petra and Nikola and pays close attention, but fails to make them smile sometimes. However, he never gives up. 

According to Mijalkov, one day, he was looking fora carton for his son Petar to watch. Just then a broadcast of Djokovic’s match came up on the TV. And guess what, Petar did not move away from the TV and watched all of the matches. Moreover, he went on to love Djokovic’s performance so much that he has not missed his single performance till now. 

“He stayed in front of the screen all the time. He watched the match until the end. And … since then – he hasn’t missed a single performance by Djokovic.” Petar’s father reveals.

Seeing such passion in both his sons, he thought of buying any kind of Novak’s poster for both of them but failed. “I struggled, really. Because there is no such thing right here at every step,” said Mijalkov.

“Huge Thanks To Nole”: Father of Two

But that is not it. After getting to know about this small family and the liking that the two brothers had for tennis, the Serb decided to surprise them with a kind gesture! He sent a recorded message from Belgrade to the Mijalkov family. 

“Hi, Petre. Peco, how are you? I’m sending you a big greeting and a big hug from Belgrade, hoping to see you live soon. I love you so much and hug you. Take care!”, Novak Djokovic said to his small fan. 

This message made their day and both the brothers were smiling more than ever. There was no end to the family’s happiness and more so of the father, after seeing his sons smile!

“It takes a little to be happy. Huge thanks to Nole who is not only the best tennis player but above all a man with a huge soul and heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for helping my son Petar have happy moments and smiles like”, Father added.

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