“Like To Coach Federer, Loved Watching Nadal Play And Serena Is The GOAT”, Says Andy Murray


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Andy Murray answers fans’ questions while he is in the room at a hotel in New York. Additionally, the British professional is waiting for the arrival of his results for the coronavirus test. Murray, as of now is in the United States for the Cincinnati Masters. Moreover, he will also play in the US Open. The US Open will begin on August 31st.

Additionally, the former world number one was asked about the player he loves to watch playing. To which he answered, “Always loved watching Rafael Nadal play. Great energy, great attitude, great player.”

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Besides, Andy Murray also mentioned various other players. The list also included Gael Monfils and Nick Kyrgios. He said, “Also Gael Monfils. Amazing what he can do. And always makes me smile.” He also added, “Nick Kyrgios too when he is focused.”

The other interesting question of the session was the player he would love to coach. Andy Murray shared that he always wanted to coach the Swiss legend Roger Federer so as to learn things from him.

Andy Murray said, “I would learn a lot that way. It would be interesting to talk about tennis with him. Moreover, it would be interesting to watch him train, and he would definitely win a lot.”

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“Serena Williams Is The GOAT Of Tennis”- Andy Murray When Asked About The GOAT

Andy Murray also shared that if there is one shot he could take up from another player in the service of John Isner. Moreover, this shot has no competition according to Murray.

Andy Murray Instagram Status

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Besides, the other interesting question that popped up was who is the GOAT of tennis. Andy Murray had a very interesting answer to it. According to the three-time Grand Slam winner, Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time. The American has 23 Grand Slams which is the most by any athlete in the Open Era.


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