Jim Courier Reveals Two Things Prevent Novak Djokovic From Staying Top At The Ranking


Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is currently the world number one tennis player in the world. Additionally, his amazing performance in the last many years has made people argue that he might be the Greatest of All Time. 

Besides, Djokovic is also on the verge of breaking Federer’s record of staying at the top position for the highest number of weeks. Moreover, he also can equal the record of ending the year in the first position for the 6th time. 

Novak Djokovic

But, for many, these records are not even the greatest thing about Djokovic. One such legend who believes that Novak is more than his records is the American great Jim Courier.

The former world number one believes that whatever Djokovic has achieved in this era is commendable. Additionally, he also referred to this era as a very competitive one.

Courier added, “When evaluating the all-time greats, there can be a tendency to overvalue singles majors won.” But for the 50-years old tennis great, there are various other qualities as well, which should be determined. He said, “Weeks at number one, as well as year-end number one finishes. These are also very integral for evaluating all-time greats from my perspective.”

All Appreciation For Novak Djokovic

Jim had all appreciation for the 17 times Grand Slam winner, who is just 3 behind Nadal and Federer’s tally of 20. Talking about Djokovic’s rivals, Jim said that Novak could make a name for himself in Nadal and Federer’s era. And referred to it as a difficult task to achieve.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal

Moreover, he also believes that Djokovic can maintain his position at the top for a long time. And said that the Serbian could do it if he can stay healthy and focused.

Additionally, he said, “I think he can be number 1 for much longer if he stays focused and healthy. There are only two things that seem likely to prevent him from adding more weeks and years at number one. One is his health, and the other is Rafael Nadal.”

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