Jim Courier Predicts Rafael Nadal Is Going For His 13th Roland Garros Title & Defends His US Open Decision


Currently standing at the number two on the ATP ranking Rafael Nadal for sure would love to jump to the first spot. One of his chances of doing so was the US Open title this year. But Nadal, taking into consideration a lot of factors, withdrew from the Tournament this year. 

Nadal’s US Open withdrawal stirred up a lot of talks with people having mixed opinions. He was the winner at the Flushing meadows in 2019, and hence people were looking forward to seeing him again.

One of the people who are totally in support of the 34-year-old is the former tennis star, Jim Courier. According to him, Nadal’s decision is understandable and justifiable. 

The Spaniard has been vocal about his injuries and also the fact that playing on the hardcourt is physically stressful. He also pointed out that going from hard to clay in such a short time might not be the best decision for his body.

Courier, in a recent interview with Mad Dog Radio channel, defended Nadal’s decision and explained the reasons further.

“I mean as the defending champion you want to see him there. But it’s understandable given how they have had to compress the season and put the French Open now just a couple weeks after this Cincinnati-US Open series.”, He said.

“I don’t think his concern is remotely virus-related”- Jim Courier

Considering the new ranking system for this year, Nadal had the freedom to choose between the French and the US Open. As he wouldn’t need to defend any points won from last year, the Spaniard went in for his personal favorite Roland Garros. 

“With a player who’s had a history of having physical problems and breaking down after playing on hard-courts, I think it’s pretty easy to put yourself in his shoes and say ‘listen, he’s going for his 13th Roland Garros title.’ He wants to give himself the best chance to do that,” Courier explained.

Already having 12 French open titles, the 19-time Grand Slam champion wants to give himself the best chance at that 13th one. The king of clay has had 81 consecutive wins on clay and holds the record for the longest single-surface win streak in the Open Era.

Interestingly, the American is positive that his decision did not much to do with the COVID-19 situation. Rather he thought it was because of his physical condition that he went in for the French open only.

“I think if Roland Garros had been in front of the US Open, he would have undoubtedly played the US Open. But I just think this is a function of the season getting compressed into a very short pocket and him being cautious. I don’t think his concern is remotely virus-related, it’s his physical ability to withstand the rigors of this restart having not played a tournament now since February.”, the former number one added.

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Witnessing the Spanish professional play for his 13th French Open title is something a lot of people are waiting for. Time will tell if the record holder will be able to break his own record!


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