“Japan Is Actually A Really Amazing Place” – Naomi Osaka Writes Message To Her Mother Country Fans


Naomi Osaka

Former World No.01 Naomi Osaka continues to raise her voice against racism following the death of an African-American man in police custody. At the same time, A soft-spoken person in Social media platforms Naomi counters the followers who criticize her active involvement in BLM protest.  

Earlier, Osaka tweeted that BLM protests actively started in Japan as well. However one of her fans criticizes this. While Naomi replied with a tweet, later she deleted it.

“Remember that Osaka was in crisis. I won’t support you anymore”  a fan tweeted. Two time Grand Slam champion responded with a hard-hitting tweet, “you’re so mad at me for reposting a BLM march that was being held in Osaka. I am not holding people hostage and forcing them to go. People make their own decisions. For example- I am deciding to block you.”

The death of unarmed black man 46-year-old George Floyd in police custody distressed the United States its whole. All kinds of protests and demonstrations are happening in the US. Black Lives Matter movement got the attention of the whole world and received support from the famed persons.

Naomi Osaka

On the other hand, Naomi Osaka wrote on her Twitter Page, “I know I’ve been attacking a lot of racist Japanese tweets the last few days but Japan is actually a really amazing place. I really don’t want to give the misconception that the entire country is racist, they just have a few bad apples like everyone else. Love you guys.”

“You Are Greatest And Feared Fandom Of All Time”-Naomi Osaka All Price For BTS

On Monday Osaka all prices for fans of the celebrated South Korean boy band BTS matched its 1 million donations to BLM for the support of the protest in the United States against police action on black people.

2019 US Open champion Osaka tweeted, “Bts donating 1mil to BLM and ARMY trending #MatchAMillon is exactly why they’re the greatest and feared fandom of all time.”

Naomi Osaka

The K-pop group’s music brand, Big Hit Entertainment, on Sunday revealed that BTS had donated $1 million to BLM. And the BTS team also wrote on Twitter that they are against racism and share the BlackLivesMatter hashtag on twitter.

Naomi Osaka posted another tweet with a GIF. In that image, “The two words should be enough”, and Osaka wrote those two words as “BTS ARMY.”

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World No.10 Naomi Osaka who was born to Haitian father and Japanese mother shared her anger on twitter regarding this incident. She also criticized some of her fans who said that “Osaka needs to stick to tennis.”

But Naomi Osaka blasted these fans and said that it is a human rights issue. And I am here not only to just entertain.


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