“I’ve Played Not Only Against The Opponent I’ve Played Against Crowds”- Serena Williams


Serena Williams

One of the best Tennis players of all time, Serena Williams has been combating racism and discrimination in and through sports. Personal experiences with racial discrimination are common for black Americans. However, Serena Williams reveals her experience of racial discrimination at the tennis courts.  

Recently, Former World No.01 Serena Williams had a long discussion with Bryan Stevenson at the #SerenaSaturday, IGTV. Moreover, Bryan Stevenson is the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a human rights organization in Montgomery, Alabama. They discussed a lot of things about racial discrimination and intolerance all around the globe.

 “It’s always something that has allowed me to rely on the fact that we both have to deal with that in our day to day lives”- Serena Williams

Serena Williams explained personal and her sister Venus’s experience with the racism in tennis courts.

“I experienced taken with me for life is that. When Venus not winning every weekend Grand Slam finals every time it was it wasn’t a celebration on the tour. it was like oh well they won and of course, there were when they were supposed to win and no one was really happy.”

“It would get to a point where Venus would play before me or and she says the same thing she would say if I’m in the locker room and I hear the crowd cheer loud then my heart would sing because I know either Venus lost or she gets her point complete silence then I’d be like okay yes she’s winning she must wonder and a plan in the sport that was predominantly white in being the first to dominate on not such a level.”

“But ever you don’t know still compared to someone who I of course I respect but I’m compared to people that really haven’t played on this stances on hat Grand Slams will people say that other people have one more but it was under the different circumstance and it’s just like well what if it was flipped, like what is that like what is they I’ve played not only against the opponent I’ve played against crowds I’ve played against fans of people.”

“Obviously I’ve been able to have a tremendous amount more fans and it’s been a wonderful experience but I worked in the park to get to this experience.”

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“It’s always something that has allowed me to rely on the fact that we both have to deal with that in our day to day lives and literally with everything that I’ve done in all the athletes that I’ve accomplished, there are still things that I still  but it’s actually happening.” Serena Williams concluded.


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