“I’ve Always Played With Such A Big Crowd”- Serena Williams On Playing US Open Behind Closed Doors


Serena Williams

In 25 years of professional tennis career, Serena Williams has showcased her best tennis moves in front of huge crowds with several rounds of applause. For this time, Former World is going to miss everything at the upcoming US Open 2020 in Flushing Meadows.   

In a recent interview with People.com, 23 times Grand Slam Champion Serena talked about her Migraine experiences over the years. Moreover, Migraine can cause multiple biological symptoms. It’s often the human feeling by debilitating headaches. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, difficulty speaking, numbness or tingling, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Serena Williams

Furthermore, Serena Williams said, “Migraine isn’t a knee injury — it’s something you can’t physically see.”  She also added that “You can’t really say, ‘Oh, Dad, I have a migraine. I’m going to stop playing.’ People are like, ‘I don’t see swelling. I don’t see bruising. Tough it out.’ I got used to playing through the pain.”

One of the best athletes in the world, Williams explained how has Migraine affected her day to day activities, “You can’t go into a press conference with the media asking, ‘Well, what happened?’ and say ‘Well I had a migraine attack,’ “I had to figure out a way to work through it.”

It’s a disgusting matter for not only Serena Williams despite who is doing multiple jobs throughout their entire life. While American wants to play tennis, Besides she needs to take care of two and half-year-old daughter Olympia and several businesses as well.   

“A Wild Experience”- Serena Williams On Playing Tennis In An Empty Stadium

American tennis icon also spoke about her COVID-19 pandemic days’ experiences. She said, “It’s all incredibly stressful.”  Williams said dealing with a migraine is really stressful for her and also she doesn’t know the reason for it. I was dealing with a lot of stress and unknown factors and things that I wasn’t used to, and so I think that was contributing to my migraine attacks and making them more frequent,” Serena added.

Serena Williams

In addition to this, a kind mother Serena expressed that, “I would be so intense with the baby all day long, and then, at night, I would have this long migraine.” 

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While Six-time Champion Serena Williams prepares for upcoming the US Open in New York, Additionally, she said, playing in an empty stadium will be a new experience for her in the whole tennis career. “I’ve always played with such a big crowd. Without fans, how will I do? I don’t even know. But I look at it as another experience. A wild experience.” the Six-time US Open Champion concluded.


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