“It’s Never Easy To Come Back”- Daniil Medvedev Explains His Chances Of Winning US Open Title


Daniil Medvedev

The US Open this year is going to be a little less entertaining for some, considering the absence of the favorites! Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer being two of them. Nadal will be back directly at the Roland Garros, going in for his 13th French Open title.

Federer on the other hand has opted for a recovery break for his surgery. He will be back for the Olympic games next year. Apart from that, many other players have also withdrawn their names from the slam owing to the ongoing pandemic. 

Though it is disappointing not to have the known names around, this might be a chance for new talent to get recognized. According to Daniil Medvedev, a budding tennis professional, this season might give us a new US Open champion! 

Daniil Medvedev

“Yeah, of course, there is a, first of all, big opportunity for a new Grand Slam winner. Because there is, let’s say, only three Grand Slam winners in the draw of US Open, Cilic, Murray, and Novak, if I’m not mistaken. Which of course gives a bigger chance for everybody else.”, the 24-year-old said in the recent Western and Southern Open press conference.

“I Don’t See Myself Lifting
The US Open Trophy”- Daniil Medvedev

Even though Daniil Medvedev might have a better chance at the trophy this year, he isn’t sure about his form as of now. The world number five wants to take it slow and assess his form as the tournament proceeds.

Daniil Medvedev

“Talking about myself, I always take it to match by match. So, at this moment I don’t see myself lifting the US Open trophy. I just want to see first where my game is at tournament level, the competitive level in Cincinnati because as I say, we’re going to almost 100% see some unbelievable results, maybe some really bad games or some really good ones.”, Russian added.

Kind of don’t know what to expect, because it’s not usual that there are 150 players that didn’t play a match in six months, you know. Actually, it’s maybe one who got injured or something like this, so it’s never easy to come back.”, Daniil said.

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Whatever said and done, this year’s tennis tournaments will be far from normal. With the audience, some of the key players, and the regular schedule missing, the whole mindset will be different. Nevertheless, we are just happy with tennis to resume!


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