“It’s Difficult To Plan”: Stan Wawrinka Comments on Playing Toyoko Olympics 2021 With Roger Federer


Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka

Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka, both the Swiss greats have been representing their country in the Olympics for many years. Whenever we hear about them, we’ve known that both of them respect each other utterly and dearly.

However, being the top players they’ve been rivals at many stages, but that doesn’t change their respect and love for each other. Additionally, Wawrinka used to be one of the top players in earlier times, but due to his injury and knee surgery way back in 2018, he’s been fighting his way back to the field.

Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka

On the other hand, Federer would not play in 2020, and there are chances to spot him in Australian Open 2021. 

“This Is Far Away From What’s Happening Now”: Stan Wawrinka

However, when asked about if he might collaborate with Roger Federer for doubles, Stan Wawrinka replied that they’d not taken the time to talk. 

As the pandemic is on rising and there is no stopping it, the risk of COVID-19 is increasing rapidly. Because of which, even the top players feel it is too early to talk about what’s going to happen after a few months. 

Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka

“We didn’t talk about Olympic. I think this is far away from what’s happening now, not only in the tennis schedule but with what’s happening in the world right now,” Wawrinka said.

Wawrinka also went to conclude that they want to be sure themselves before involving such a big player at stake. He added, “I think it’s difficult to plan and to talk about in nine months where we’re going to be. No, we didn’t talk about it yet”,  

While Roger Federer is on the rehabilitation leave, Stan Wawrinka is now playing in the Rolex Paris Masters 2020.

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