“It’s Another Part Of His Career”- Daniil Medvedev’s Coach Says World No.05 Wants To Learn More


Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev, a Russian professional tennis player who rose up in the ATP rankings last year. Like every other player, Medvedev too felt hit by this unexpected break due to the pandemic. But in his coach, Gilles Cervara opined, the player and his team adapted to the situation pretty well considering the circumstances. 

“Quite okay, quite good. Of course, with this long time without tournaments and no matches, it’s been a bit tough. But you have to manage it as you can, also as the player is able to manage it. I think you need to adapt. It depends on all these things that you have to face every day and during five months as we did.”, Gilles Cervara said in a recent ATP tour.com interview.

Daniil Medvedev

Gilles Cervara has been coaching the 24-year-old since 2017 and has been by his side as he stepped up on the ranking table.  Apart from the impact of the lockdown, he also shed light on the pressure that comes along with reaching such a high ranking. 

“All The Players Are Like He(Medvedev) Was Before”-Gilles Cervara

According to Cervara, the current World No.05 still has a lot to learn, especially regarding keeping the correct mindset.

“The top players like Novak, like Wawrinka, Federer, and Nadal of course, they know [themselves] so they’re better to maintain something better than the young players. That’s also what Daniil is learning. The bad thing is the Tour stopped because I think when Indian Wells was ready to start, he was ready to have a high level.”, the coach explained.

As per Coach Gilles Cervara, the experience that the top players have is a lot more, which makes it easier for them to tackle certain situations better. But he seems very confident about the Russians’ progress and thinks that he is ready!

Daniil Medvedev

“It’s another part of his career and I think it’s a new thing to learn and get used to managing. You are in this position and you feel other players want to beat you; so, you get a new experience, and if you’re ready and you accept this position; you are more ready to manage it and to deal with it… He’s ready for it. He knows about it. He knows that his position changed; all the players are like he was before.”, Gilles Cervara added.

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Moreover, Daniil Medvedev has achieved a lot at such a young age, currently standing at No.05 in the world. He has a long way to go and has such a great coach by his side. Cervara for sure has confidence in his player and cannot wait to see what’s ahead for the US Open finalist!


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