“It Was The Best Day For Tennis ”- Serena Williams Coach Patrick Mouratoglou Talks On 2018 US Open Final


Serena Williams and Patrik Mouratoglou

Nowadays, American Sensation Serena Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou talks a lot about tennis. In a row, Coach said that tennis needs several types of drama and emotion, and this is good for sports. And this will help in the development of tennis.

Patrick Mouratoglou shared his experience on the 2018 US Open final. That match was infamous for a heated argument between Serena Williams and chair umpire Carlos Ramos.

“Every morning we have a meeting of everyone involved. I came into the room and they were all there. There was silence because everyone was feeling uncomfortable. I stood up and I said ‘listen, guys, yesterday was the worst day ever for Team Serena because she lost and because of what happened.”

Serena Williams

But the tennis view, “it was the best day for tennis because tennis is everywhere, it’s great for tennis. So it depends on how you look at it’. People watch sports like they watch a movie, they want to feel emotion,” He added.

“We all make mistakes”- Serena coach on Chair umpire

On that day Serena terribly wanted to win her 24th Grand Slam. But all her efforts go in vain as Naomi Osaka from Japan wins her first Major. In between that match, Serena and Chair Umpire Carlos Ramos met with a series of arguments at the one time Serena angrily hit her racket to court. For all her meltdowns, the International Tennis Federation handed the US $17,000 fine and Carlos Ramos banned Serena Williams match officiating.

Serena Williams

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Patrik Mouratoglou also shared his opinion on that match chair umpire Carlos Ramos. “Of course it is not very comfortable when you are in the eye of the storm but I am not scared, I am very relaxed. I didn’t do anything wrong, I just did what all coaches do all year long. I think he (Ramos) did a terrible job, but we all make mistakes. Coaches coach (from the stands), we all know that.” Although, ITF didn’t find any faults in Carlos Ramos umpiring.


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