“It Was Really Tough” – Kristina Mladenovic On Staying Away From Tennis


Kristina Mladenovic

French tennis player, Kristina Mladenovic shares her views on the impact of lockdown on the professional sportspersons’ life. Moreover, The former world number ten is back to the court at the Challenge Elite FFT, which is going on the Cote d’Azur. The French No.01 now has her eyes on Roland Garros.

Sharing about the lockdown, Kristina too had a weird time in the beginning. She added, “It was really tough because tennis is my job and my passion too. The hardest thing was saying to myself, ‘Damn! I should have been playing in Rome, Madrid, or Roland-Garros this week’.”

Mladenovic also threw some light on important lessons. She explained, “The danger was real and tennis was not the priority. It would have been selfish to complain about the absence of tennis because everyone’s health was at stake.”

Kristina Mladenovic

Additionally, Kristina spent her lockdown working on her body and keeping herself healthy. She said, “I had my equipment, a treadmill, a bike, and my own space to use. I did sport every day. I just did cardio work and made sure I stayed in shape.”

“Hitting A tennis Ball Is like Cycling And Swimming” – Kristina Mladenovic

Moreover, Mladenovic also found interest in new subjects. She spent her time cooking, reading, watching series, and teaching. Further, all family members contributed to households.

Kristina Mladenovic

Besides tennis, Former Doubles Number one is also committed to protecting the environment. Additionally, she also cares for the oceans, recycling the waste, etc. Kristina said, “I’m convinced that the efforts we make as individuals and the things that we can do have a positive impact on the bigger picture.” She further added, “I think the seas and the oceans are wonderful yet fragile at the same time.”

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Although the tennis matches were suspended, the 27-year old never thought that she was away from the game. Four-time doubles Grand Slam Champion added, “Hitting a tennis ball is like cycling and swimming; you don’t forget it.”


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