“It Was A Really Dark Moment For Me”- Grigor Dimitrov Recalls His Days Of Illness After Wins His First Match


Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov, the Bulgarian professional tennis player wins the first match after coming from illness due to the coronavirus. It has only been two months when the current world number 19 could not even walk properly. However, in his first match in the Western and Southern Open, his win proved that one couldn’t take him lightly.

He won the match against Ugo Humbert by 6-3 6-4. Additionally, the former world number three will also play the US Open later this month. 

Grigor Dimitrov

After winning the match, Grigor Dimitrov said, “I said to myself, ‘I will give it a try.’ Now I am here playing a match today.” Besides, he also added, “Honestly, I am just purely thankful that I am even able to just be here. To participate. Forget about the match. I am not even talking about tennis right now.”

I Was Not Able To Lift Weights – Grigor Dimitrov

Sharing about his experience of being a patient of COVID-19, the 29-year-old Grigor Dimitrov said, “The first week was just tragic. I started by just walking. I couldn’t really do any exercise. And, I was not able to lift weights. Moreover, I was not even able to play tennis.” 

Grigor Dimitrov

In addition to this, he also shared, “It was a really dark moment for me. I am not going to lie.”

Additionally, Grigor Dimitrov said that he also hopes that people stop taking coronavirus non-seriously. Moreover, he also hopes that his illness and recovery story becomes a tale for the ones who still don’t take the virus seriously. 

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“I just kind of wanted to show a message that it doesn’t matter, in a sense, ‘who you are,’ how fit you are and how healthy you eat and so on. This thing doesn’t ask anybody (those things). We’re all equal.”, Dimitrov concluded.

Source: AP


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