“It Was A Positive Tournament”: Rafael Nadal Happy With His Performance at Rolex Paris Masters 2020


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal after a fantastic performance in the Paris Masters 1000 gets defeated by Alexander Zverev in the semi-finals by 6-4 7-5. Additionally, the current world number two is not disappointed with the loss. Besides, he is looking forward to performing well in the ATP Tournament in London. The tournament is scheduled to begin on November 15.

In the post-match conference, the Spaniard added that he will now prepare for the tournament in London. Besides saying that he will now be getting more time to practice for London. 

Moreover, Nadal also added, “I have said it before. The tournament is not bad.” In addition to this Nadal also mentioned that he tried his best to win the tournament. However, Nadal also added that while he would have loved to win the tournament, it was not at all easy.

Rafael Nadal

“I Also Have A Little More Time To Train”: Rafael Nadal

Besides, Nadal, who has 20 Grand Slams to his name, has never been able to win a title in the Paris Masters 1000 tournament. Nadal said, “I had good behaviour throughout the tournament.” And he added that he played in the tournament with all the fighting spirit. 

Nadal also mentioned that the tournament was good preparation for the major tournament in London from 15th November 2020. Additionally, Nadal was able to play four matches in the tournament. Besides Nadal pointed out that he had to make adjustments. But he also added, “I have to make some adjustments, but where it was important, I was there.”

Rafael Nadal

Talking about his preparation for the tournament in London, Nadal said, “I have a week ahead of me. I also have a little more time to train.” And Spaniard added that he would be ready when the time arrives.

Additionally, Nadal mentioned that Paris Masters 1000 was a “positive” tournament for him. And he believes that it has helped him to become better till the tournament starts. Besides, Nadal would like to win his first ATP Finals title in London.

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