“It Is Time For Unity, Not For Separation”- Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer React to Djokovic and Pospisil Resignation from ATP Player Council


Rafael Nadal

World number one Novak Djokovic and Canadian Vasek Pospisil have resigned from the ATP player council. They would like to set up an autonomous body for men’s tennis players’ representation. However, world number two Rafael Nadal admitted this is not a time for separation and disunion.

On Friday, The Canadian professional, Pospisil announced his resignation on his Twitter handle. He said, “It is very difficult to work, if not impossible. It is difficult to have any significant impact on any major decisions made by the tour.”

World number one Novak Djokovic and former top-30 member Vasek Pospisil would be the co-presidents of a new union. It is called the Professional Tennis Players Association(PTPA). 

Nadal And Djokovic

They also explained, “The goal of the PTPA is not to replace the ATP but to provide players with a self-governance structure that is independent of the ATP and is directly responsive to player-members’ needs and concerns.” 

“We all, players, tournaments, and governing bodies have to work together”- Rafael Nadal 

While the tennis governing bodies, players, and sponsors have been heavily affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, Besides, a senior player and 19 time Grand Slam Champion Rafael Nadal said “The world is living a difficult and complicated situation. I personally believe these are times to be calm and work all of us together in the same direction. It is time for unity, not for separation.”

He also added, “These are moments where big things can be achieved as long as the world of tennis is united. We all, players, tournaments, and governing bodies have to work together. We have a bigger problem and separation and disunion are definitely not the solution.”

Roger Federer said, “I agree @RafaelNadal. These are uncertain and challenging times, but I believe it’s critical for us to stand united as players, and as a sport, to pave the best way forward.”

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While Spaniard will not defend his US Open title this year, on the other hand, He is practicing for the 13th title at Roland Garros.


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